Bloggers and their children

Blogger phenomenon is here to stay. The balance shifts from the mainstream media, with large newsrooms, resources, and a lot of expenses, to content creators who give  readers what they want in a timely manner.

By Tim McDonald
By Tim McDonald


For years bloggers’ and photographers’ children … have become part of this world. Sometimes professionally and many others in a much more casual and occasional way.

Photographers have their “icon children models” and bloggers, their children. Instagram, youtube…their children often appear as such in their videos and photos.

Sometimes they are the center of attention and incidental props or extras. Sometimes, passion for fashion overwhelms mothers and their children perform as a perfect showcase or desired hanger for the occasion.

We’re not talking about innocent songs or duets, but something which is closer to professional blog content with a high number of visits.


By Frédéric de Villamil
By Frédéric de Villamil

Now, what’s good or bad? It depends, fans of children’s privacy detest this overexposure that did not exist decades ago where children were not present in such an adult world.

Overprotective or overexposure … it is not easy to draw the line. Some children also have passion for this and become perfect partners for these adventures.

Clearly, some things will catch our attention, but very few will generate money, let alone leave some of that money in savings accounts for the future of these children.

Children, on the other hand have always helped their parents, at home and at work and there is nothing wrong with that. They can learn, and come to respect and enjoy this work. In some cases it can even become their profession and passion in adulthood.By Clemens v. Vogelsang

By Clemens v. Vogelsang