The urban tourist: Madrid

If there is a kind of tourism that contradicts passing your holidays at a beach it has to be Madrid in the summer. Only a few hours away from all the Spanish beach destinations either by train, road or plane, Madrid is as far away as you can be from the ocean and sea in […]

  More than San Francisco: The Bay Area and beyond

If you are taking the time to go the US west coast from Europe for example, one of the likely destinations is a very urban one, San Francisco. A very human scaled town. The West Coast jewel, center and background of many a TV show and movies. Just walking, biking or taking public transport you […]

  Let’s go to a Caribbean destination

Colon officially discovered the Caribbean for the Europeans and many crowns claimed over the years the whole sea and its numerous islands but… today the Caribbean belongs to tourist of all nationalities that use it and abuse it in as many ways and the human mind can think. Most of the transgressors come from Europe […]